Jeff Jarrett Discusses the Moment He Realized Digital Wrestling Era Was Here


Jeff Jarrett Discusses the Moment He Realized Digital Wrestling Era Was Here
Jeff Jarrett Discusses the Moment He Realized Digital Wrestling Era Was Here © WWE/Youtube

In a recent episode of his "My World" podcast, Jeff Jarrett, a wrestling icon with nearly four decades in the professional ring, pinpointed the moment he believes the industry transitioned into the digital era. Jarrett attributes this seismic shift to the groundbreaking 2018 indie wrestling event, All In, singling out the NWA World Heavyweight Championship bout between Nick Aldis and Cody Rhodes as the catalyst.

"For me, it was a defining moment; a flag in the ground," Jarrett said. "You had New Japan and Ring of Honor buzzing in the background, but the electrifying atmosphere that surrounded the Aldis-Rhodes match was incomparable.

It symbolized more than just a wrestling event; it was the advent of an era."

The Real Buzz

Jarrett emphasized that while other promotions like New Japan and Ring of Honor had a fair amount of hype, the real "buzz" emanated from the New Japan-Bullet Club.

According to Jarrett, the All In event and, more notably, the Aldis-Rhodes match became a focal point because everything came together just right—right talent, right timing, and right promotion. "It's not that people were attending just another wrestling event.

They came specifically to witness that match. The story was the magnet," Jarrett continued. "It was the convergence of the right elements—talent, storyline, timing—that made it monumental. It signaled the ushering in of the digital era of wrestling, where promotion happens not just through traditional channels, but significantly through digital platforms." Jarrett also expressed his enthusiasm about being part of such a pivotal moment in wrestling history as a talent.

"To participate in something so transformative was incredible. The energy was palpable. That's when I knew the digital age of wrestling had truly arrived." This insight from Jeff Jarrett, a veteran whose career has spanned multiple eras of wrestling, adds significant weight to the ongoing discussion about how digital platforms are shaping the future of the sport.

As professional wrestling continues to evolve, it's clear that the industry has entered a new chapter, one characterized by the power of digital storytelling and audience engagement.

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