Zelina Vega Talks Excitement for LWO Partnership With Carlito


Zelina Vega Talks Excitement for LWO Partnership With Carlito
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In a recent appearance on "WWE's The Bump," Zelina Vega opened up about her excitement for the revamped Latino World Order (LWO), specifically touching on new addition Carlito. Although Carlito has moved away from his iconic "Caribbean Cool" gimmick — most notably, his penchant for spitting apple slices at uncool adversaries — Vega believes there's room for a nostalgic callback.

"I'm really hopeful that at some point we can orchestrate a double apple-spit moment. I think that would be a fan favorite and give the audience something really special," Vega remarked. Even if this doesn't materialize, she expressed her enthusiasm for the group's potential and her role in its evolution.

"I'm thrilled about Crown Jewel. Rey Mysterio is definitely going to steal the show against Logan Paul. But this isn't just about him; the LWO is on a trajectory that promises to elevate all of us," Vega added. "Up until now, the focus has been on ensuring Rey successfully defends his title.

But it's about time I make my own mark in the group."

LWO New Era

The LWO, originally a staple in WCW, was resurrected by Mysterio during his WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech earlier this year. The faction initially comprised the Legado Del Fantasma quartet — Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro, and Vega herself.

Carlito joined the stable at Fastlane, and there have been hints that recent "WWE NXT" call-up Dragon Lee might either ally with the group or become its latest member. For the past several weeks, the LWO has found itself in a heated rivalry with Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits, providing ample opportunities for each member to showcase their talents.

Whether or not we'll see Carlito revisit his apple-spitting days, one thing is clear: The LWO is on a fast track to making a significant impact in WWE's landscape. This piece aims to offer fans not only a glimpse into the inner workings of WWE's reinvigorated LWO but also to drum up excitement for upcoming events, including Crown Jewel. With Vega and Carlito at the helm alongside Mysterio, this faction is one to watch.

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