Baron Corbin Reveals Inspiration Behind End of Days Finisher


Baron Corbin Reveals Inspiration Behind End of Days Finisher
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Baron Corbin's signature finishing move, "End of Days," has long stood as one of WWE's most electrifying and definitive manoeuvres. Fans and opponents alike have been captivated by its sheer impact, but few are privy to its intriguing origin story.

In a recent sit-down on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Baron Corbin lifted the veil on how this game-changing move came to life, and it’s as unexpected as the move itself.

Corbin Accidental Genesis

Corbin shared that the move was serendipitously discovered during a practice session at WWE's Performance Center.

"We have this crash pad ring where we can experiment. I was sparring with Sami Callihan, who attempted a rope-assisted DDT. Instead, I caught him in mid-air and executed what is now known as the End of Days," said Corbin. Both wrestlers realized immediately that something unique had transpired.

Corbin recorded the move and sent it to veteran WWE superstar Billy Gunn for evaluation. "Billy Gunn was full of praise and even joked about using it against The Shield. Luckily, he gave me his blessing to keep it as my own," Corbin reminisced.

Since then, the move has been Corbin's calling card, instrumental in building his WWE profile. "It was purely accidental but has evolved into this show-stopping finisher that I guard fiercely," he added. However, the hallowed status of the "End of Days" took a hit during WWE WrestleMania 38, where Drew McIntyre became the first to kick out of it.

A less-than-thrilled Corbin expressed his dissatisfaction over the WWE's decision to let that happen, admitting he had no say in the matter. This revelation not only adds a fascinating layer to Baron Corbin's character but also serves as a pivotal moment in his wrestling journey.

With Drew McIntyre breaking the spell, will the "End of Days" retain its allure, or will Corbin need to dig deep and innovate again? Only time will tell, but for now, the story of its accidental genesis adds an intriguing wrinkle to Corbin's enigmatic persona.

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