WWE Star Expresses Desire to 'Suck' Cathy Kelley Blood


WWE Star Expresses Desire to 'Suck' Cathy Kelley Blood
WWE Star Expresses Desire to 'Suck' Cathy Kelley Blood © WWE/YouTube

In a recent social media interaction that has fans buzzing, WWE Superstar Dakota Kai posted an intriguing tweet directed at popular television host and WWE backstage interviewer, Cathy Kelley. The exchange comes on the heels of this year's electrifying SummerSlam Premium Live Event, where Kai made a surprise appearance to celebrate IYO SKY's Women's Championship win, thanks in part to Bayley's assist.

Though Dakota Kai is not yet medically cleared for in-ring action, she has been a consistent presence at ringside, supporting her Damage CTRL stablemates. In her tweet, Kai channeled her inner vampire, captioning a set of photos with Kelley: "I vant to suck your blood."

The tweet not only amplified the online chatter around Dakota Kai's return but also sparked discussions about Kelley's role in WWE and whether she would ever transition from interviewer to wrestler.

Kelley addressed this query in a recent sit-down interview with Chris Van Vliet on Insight. Revealing that she has prior experience as a wrestler, Kelley stated, "I don't think so. I did try once. Back in the day, Dave Marquez had a wrestling ring for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

I took one or two bumps until I knocked the wind out of myself. Running the ropes is intense; it leaves you with calluses and bruises."

Cath Kelley WWE Impact

Cathy Kelley departed WWE in 2020 and made a triumphant return last October.

She continues to enrich the SmackDown brand with her incisive backstage interviews, and although her tweet with Dakota Kai was light-hearted, it nevertheless highlights her critical role in WWE's narrative landscape. This unfolding story has various layers that captivate both casual fans and wrestling aficionados.

Dakota Kai's cryptic tweet and Cathy Kelley's interview comments have amplified interest in both talents, enriching WWE's multifaceted storylines and setting social media abuzz. With this blend of in-ring drama and social media intrigue, WWE continues to blur the lines between kayfabe and reality, much to the delight of its global audience.

For fans eagerly watching the developments, only time will tell if Dakota Kai's peculiar tweet will translate into an actual storyline or remain a playful social media exchange. But one thing is certain: in the ever-dynamic world of WWE, anything is possible.

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