Ali to Donate All His SSD Earnings

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Ali to Donate All His SSD Earnings

WWE Superstar, Mustafa Ali, is going to donate to the “Charity: Water” non-profit organization. Ali was part of the 50-man Battle Royal match which was part of the WWE Super ShowDown event. The event took place last night on Friday.

Ali made the donation announcement on Twitter. "Earnings received today will be donated to @charitywater. Thank you," Ali wrote. According to a few source, WWE superstars make a lot of money whenever they compete at any event in Saudi Arabia.

Even the lower and mid-card wrestlers earn pretty well according to those sources. Chris Jericho confirmed this when he stated several months back in an interview that he received the highest pay for a single event when he competed at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Some of the famous superstars receive pay in seven figures through the events in Saudi Arabia. Even though Ali is donating to the organization, he did not reveal why he is doing this. Some believe that it is a response to the backlash against the wrestlers who refuse to work inside Saudi Arabia.

Some wrestlers do not agree with the policies and the actions that the Saudi government has taken over the years. Ali is a Muslim and belongs to a Pakistani family. Most people in Saudi Arabia are Sunnis and he probably wants to help his fellow believers. Pakistan calls Saudi Arabia its greatest Muslim ally.