Rob Van Dam True Feelings on Kurt Angle Infamous WWE Milk Spray Revealed


Rob Van Dam True Feelings on Kurt Angle Infamous WWE Milk Spray Revealed
Rob Van Dam True Feelings on Kurt Angle Infamous WWE Milk Spray Revealed © Rob Van Dam/Twitter

Kurt Angle's transition from a decorated amateur wrestler to a highly-entertaining WWE personality in the late 1990s has often been the subject of acclaim, both from fans and fellow wrestlers. WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam (RVD), who recently discussed this career arc on his podcast "1 Of A Kind," shared intriguing details about his experiences sharing the squared circle with Angle.

During the conversation, RVD looked back at a moment that remains firmly etched in WWE folklore: Kurt Angle's milk truck incident. The episode involved Angle driving a milk truck into the ring and dousing members of The Alliance, which included RVD, in a deluge of milk.

"When it comes to Kurt Angle's comedic touch, fans absolutely adored it," said RVD. "As for me, being in that ring and getting hosed down with milk was not on my list of fun activities." Continuing, RVD added, "In retrospect, I get it.

It was amusing to see all these powerful wrestlers slipping and sliding. But in that moment, all I could think was, 'This is exactly why I had reservations about joining WWE.' It just wasn't my scene."

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Van Dam also opened up about another experience that left him feeling out of his element—the 2005 Royal Rumble "West Side Story" parody.

The promotional material featured WWE superstars like Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Edge, and RVD himself donning wigs and costumes to emulate characters from the classic 1961 musical drama. "It was so far removed from who I am," stated RVD, "I felt incredibly uncomfortable and almost regretted my career choice at that moment." Both instances serve as revealing glimpses into RVD's relationship with WWE's penchant for theatricality.

They underscore the tension between the wrestler's own inclination towards a more straightforward athletic competition and WWE's broader entertainment objectives. For fans and commentators alike, RVD's candid reflections offer valuable insight into the complexities of adapting to the larger-than-life world of WWE.

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