Goldberg Confirms He Was Knocked Out

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Goldberg Confirms He Was Knocked Out

Professional Wrestling is a very tough job! Most active WWE wrestlers have to work every single week and put their bodies on the line for the fans every single week. One badly performed move can instantly end the career of a wrestler that takes it or performs it.

Even though professional wrestlers train for years, they still sometimes don’t perform moves correctly. That can be due to many reasons, but it is primarily because fatigue and injuries play a part in how the match progresses.

An injured wrestler is an unsafe wrestler! Most veteran wrestlers do not want to work with wrestlers that are not 100%. Many fans all over the world were looking forward to WWE Super ShowDown as The Undertaker was set to wrestle Goldberg.

It was the main event of that event, but unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the worst matches of the year, according to various outlets, fans and wrestling journalists. Goldberg and The Undertaker botched a number of spots and it appeared as though Goldberg knocked himself out when he ran himself into the turnbuckle.

Goldberg went for a spear, but The Undertaker moved out the way, and Goldberg hit the post head first. Goldberg wrote on his Twitter that he was indeed injured and concussed. "Knocked myself out and thought I could finish....

love my fans.....but let u down. Everyone else that found "pleasure" ..... hope ur happy," Goldberg wrote.