Legend Reflects on Kurt Angle Iconic Milk-O-Mania: 'Not a Fun Time for Me'

A fresh perspective on a legendary WWE moment emerges.

by Atia Mukhtar
Legend Reflects on Kurt Angle Iconic Milk-O-Mania: 'Not a Fun Time for Me'
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In a walk down memory lane, wrestling aficionados often recall Kurt Angle's iconic Milk-O-Mania moment as a hilarious and entertaining segment on WWE's Raw. However, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has recently come forward with a less nostalgic take on that infamous night.

On the Raw episode aired August 20th, 2001, The Alliance stable led a tribute to WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Just as the atmosphere reached its peak, Kurt Angle burst onto the scene in a milk truck, drawing a parallel to Austin's beer truck antics from 1999.

Angle, being the quintessential babyface to Austin's heel persona, chose milk as his weapon of choice, a nod to his well-known penchant for dairy.

Milk-O-Mania Unleashed

Amid the cacophony, Angle began hurling milk cartons into the ring before seizing a hose to unleash a torrent of milk upon Austin, Stephanie McMahon, Debra—Austin’s then-wife—and other Alliance members, including Tommy Dreamer, Tazz, and Shane Helms.

Commentator Jim Ross coined the term "Milk-O-Mania" and added a memorable one-liner about Stephanie McMahon, saying, "The Million Dollar Princess has become a Dairy Queen!" However, not everyone was amused by the dairy deluge.

Rob Van Dam, who was also among those drenched that night, voiced his discontent on his '1 Of A Kind' podcast. "From the fans' perspective, Kurt Angle's comedic segment was a hit, but personally, being showered with milk wasn't my idea of fun," Van Dam stated.

He continued, "I can appreciate the entertainment value in retrospect—wrestlers slipping and sliding all over—but at that moment, it validated my apprehensions about joining WWE." Kurt Angle, on the other hand, has often cited this dairy-driven escapade as the favorite segment of his WWE career.

While the opinions may diverge, one thing remains clear: Milk-O-Mania has etched itself into WWE history as one of its most unforgettable segments, regardless of whether it left a sour taste for some.

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