Saudi Government Refuses to Allow Women’s Match

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Saudi Government Refuses to Allow Women’s Match

According to various reports, The WWE wanted to hold the first ever women’s wrestling match at WWE Super ShowDown. Super ShowDown took place at Saudi Arabia. It would have been a really big deal in Saudi Arabia because their local laws and customs do not allow women to be very open.

The WWE wanted the first ever woman’s wrestling match to take place as a surprise. reported that the WWE did not get an approval for the match. The Saudi government simply turned them down. It was reported that Alexa Bliss and Natalya flew to Saudi Arabia way before the WWE Super ShowDown event.

Triple H then sent a request to make them wrestle to The General Sport Authority (GSA). He waited for their approval, but it never came. That is why the match could never take place. We do not know whether Bliss and Natalya will announced whether they will have a match in the future.

They have yet to make such an announcement. After this, it seems highly unlikely that the WWE will ever think about holding a woman’s wrestling match in the kingdom. Bliss and Natalya did appear in local attire to do some promotional work.

We also do not have details about just how the government turned the WWE down. It was reported that the WWE was given permission to hold the match but something went wrong.