Road Dogg Praises Cody Rhodes' WWE to WrestleMania Transformation

Cody Rhodes masters the art of wrestling and business.

by Atia Mukhtar
Road Dogg Praises Cody Rhodes' WWE to WrestleMania Transformation
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Cody Rhodes' transformation from a WWE afterthought to an undeniable main-event sensation has been nothing short of astounding, and wrestling industry veteran Brian "Road Dogg" James couldn't be prouder. Witnessing Rhodes evolve from his earlier days in WWE to becoming a showstopper at WrestleMania 39, James confesses it's been "super cool" to see this phoenix-like resurgence.

Speaking on the popular "Oh, You Didn't Know" podcast, James lauded Rhodes for his relentless commitment to his craft. "He hasn't just put in the time; he's absorbed everything there is to know about this business. Whether it's in the ring or behind the scenes, Cody has become a scholar of the wrestling universe," James observed.

When Rhodes left WWE, his prospects looked uncertain, but he managed to rebuild his career brick by brick. He navigated the indie circuit, faced an ambitious list of adversaries, and even played an instrumental role in launching the seminal All In event.

This journey was a masterclass in wrestling acumen, which even WWE superstar John Cena recently applauded.

Business Smarts Matter

James underscored the importance of understanding wrestling as a business, a lesson Cody Rhodes seems to have internalized fully.

"Too many wrestlers are connoisseurs of the mat game but don't comprehend the commercial side of things, consequently never fully maximizing their career's potential," he said. "Cody has not only scaled the ladder in terms of in-ring prowess but he's also delved deep into the business aspects—contract negotiations, branding, merchandising—you name it." James ended on an optimistic note, acknowledging the multiple rungs of the career ladder that Rhodes has climbed.

"From opening matches to WrestleMania headliner, he's been through every phase, learning invaluable lessons along the way. And that, in my book, deserves the highest praise. Good for him, man." Cody Rhodes' comprehensive understanding of wrestling—both as an athletic spectacle and a business venture—has set a precedent in the industry.

This dual mastery hasn't just revived his career; it's catapulted him to wrestling royalty status. No wonder, then, that his rise has been hailed as "undeniable" by those who've seen it all.

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