Kevin Owens Teases Powerbomb and Stunner for SmackDown Debut

SmackDown's latest trade, Kevin Owens, gears up for an unforgettable showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Owens Teases Powerbomb and Stunner for SmackDown Debut
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WWE sensation Kevin Owens is set to clash with Austin Theory in what promises to be an electrifying match next week on SmackDown. This high-stakes about marks Owens' first foray into the SmackDown ring since officially joining the blue brand's roster a few weeks prior.

The seismic trade orchestrated by SmackDown's new General Manager, Nick Aldis, swapped Jey Uso for Owens after Uso transitioned to Monday Night RAW. Tensions escalated this past Friday on SmackDown when Owens boldly stated that he could take down Austin Theory and Grayson Waller with a single punch.

Living up to his words, Owens unleashed a blistering attack that floored both members of Team A-Town Down Under. The brazen confrontation set the stage for the upcoming showdown, making it one of the most anticipated bouts in recent SmackDown history.

Kelley Inspires Owens

In an exclusive interview with WWE correspondent Cathy Kelley on "SmackDown Lowdown," Owens elaborated on his game plan. He pledged to dismantle Theory with his formidable moves, including his signature Suplex, the devastating Pop-Up Powerbomb, and the crowd-pleasing Stunner.

Intriguingly, it was revealed during the discussion that it was Kelley herself who had inspired Owens' initial attack on Theory and Waller. According to Owens, Kelley had commented on the "punchable faces" of the two up-and-comers, fueling his resolve to engage.

With Grayson Waller as a constant wildcard presence on the ringside, the stakes for this match are higher than ever. Will Owens succeed in asserting his dominance and making a triumphant mark on his SmackDown debut? Or will Austin Theory, backed by Waller, prove to be an insurmountable obstacle? As WWE fans gear up for what promises to be a captivating contest, the question on everyone's mind is: Can Kevin Owens back up his bold words with equally audacious actions? The answer will be revealed when these two titans lock horns next week on SmackDown in a match that will generate significant buzz in the wrestling community.

Keep an eye out for this high-impact encounter, as the landscape of WWE SmackDown could shift depending on the outcome.

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