WWE Star Touts Basketball Skirmish Ahead of Bianca Belair Showdown

Rising WWE sensation Bianca Belair stakes her championship claim.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Star Touts Basketball Skirmish Ahead of Bianca Belair Showdown
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In an exclusive interview on SmackDown LowDown, WWE superstar Bayley, leader of Damage CTRL, exuded confidence about her forthcoming battle with Bianca Belair. Bayley, who has a storied rivalry with The EST of WWE, emphatically declared that next week's clash will be no more difficult than "preparing breakfast."

Belair's Bold Challenge

Bianca Belair, known for her athletic prowess and charisma, took center stage this week to lay down a challenge.

She revealed her aspirations to reclaim the WWE Women's Championship and announced her intent to take on current titleholder IYO SKY at the highly-anticipated Crown Jewel event on November 4th. Bayley, however, remained unfazed by Belair's proclamations.

"Kayla [Braxton], you should know by now how I operate. I approach my match with Bianca the same way I approach my morning routine: effortlessly and effectively. Let's not forget, I've been in the ring with Bianca on multiple occasions, from her debut matches on RAW and SmackDown to Hell in a Cell and Last Woman Standing events.

Heck, we even had an Obstacle Course match where she carried Otis on her back. But remember, I've also defeated her using a basketball. My point? I've got her number," Bayley candidly remarked. While the conversation unfolded, WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY chimed in with her own predictions for her impending match at Crown Jewel against Bianca Belair.

"Confidence is key, and I have it in spades. I've defeated Bianca before, most notably at SummerSlam, and I'll repeat that performance in Saudi Arabia," asserted SKY. As the wrestling world buzzes in anticipation, it's clear that both matches are set to be monumental.

With the WWE Women's Championship hanging in the balance, the stakes have never been higher. The collisions between Bayley and Bianca Belair, and between IYO SKY and Bianca Belair, are not merely bouts but spectacles, carrying both legacy and championship implications.

Don't miss this wrestling extravaganza, as the drama unfolds at WWE Crown Jewel on November 4th, where the future of the Women's Division could be dramatically reshaped.

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