The Relentless Reigns Effect: A Predictable Predicament


The Relentless Reigns Effect: A Predictable Predicament
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Inevitability often follows unwavering determination. WWE has pushed Roman Reigns harder than ever before, resulting in what we now recognize as the "Roman Reigns effect." While it might not have been part of the initial plan, it became an undeniable reality.

The accelerator pedal was pressed firmly for this character, leading to an outcome that was bound to happen. In the world of professional wrestling, this phenomenon is not new. Similar situations have occurred in the past, each with its own set of repercussions.

The common thread in all these instances is the relentless push, insistence, and force applied to a character or wrestler. This practice aims to generate anticipation and popularity. We've witnessed the Hogan effect, the Rock effect, the Cena effect, and the Bryan effect.

These stories have unfolded with varying degrees of success, but they all share the same starting point: the relentless push. What sets the Roman Reigns effect apart is the sheer conviction and coercive compulsion behind it.

Even when compared to the era of Super-Cena, which some may have conveniently forgotten, Reigns' push has been more intense. The Super-Cena years, characterized by repetitive outcomes and disappointing storylines, were a challenging period in WWE history.

However, Reigns' push has surpassed even that level of intensity.

The Reigns Predictability

The Reigns effect becomes palpable the moment he's announced for a show. While fans eagerly anticipate his appearance, there's a predictable element that looms – boredom.

It's not boredom directed at Reigns himself, but rather the predictability of the entire episode revolving around him. This predictability wouldn't be an issue if it were a regular occurrence, but it happens only sporadically.

This pattern renders it ineffective, serving as little more than a one-off that leads nowhere. Whether he faces LA Knight, Kevin Owens, or Cody Rhodes, the storylines follow the same formula – repetitive dynamics and interferences.

It's a story we've seen and reviewed countless times, offering no new insights or developments. The Reigns effect has inadvertently become a guarantee of monotony. It's the assurance that a WWE show, whether it's SmackDown or a pay-per-view event, will follow a familiar script.

Despite other compelling elements in the WWE landscape, Reigns' presence has the power to overshadow them all, and not in a positive way. In summary, the Reigns effect, born out of WWE's relentless push, has become a double-edged sword.

While it generates anticipation, it also ensures predictability and a sense of déjà vu for the viewers. WWE's desire for guaranteed engagement has led to a situation where fans crave freshness but are served with the comfort of the familiar. It's a predicament that raises questions about the creative direction of WWE's storytelling.