Road Dogg Claims Matt Cardona Owes Indie Success to WWE Stint


Road Dogg Claims Matt Cardona Owes Indie Success to WWE Stint
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After making significant strides on the independent wrestling scene post-WWE, Matt Cardona, previously known as Zack Ryder, has garnered much attention and success. However, WWE veteran Brian "Road Dogg" James contends that Cardona's independent circuit triumph wouldn't have been possible without his WWE background.

In a recent episode of his "Oh ... You Didn't Know" podcast, Road Dogg expressed his thoughts on Cardona's career trajectory. "Let's be real; WWE can serve as a double-edged sword for talents. It can either elevate you to stardom or it can hinder your career," James said.

"In the case of Zack Ryder, he was able to take his WWE experience and convert it into a valuable lesson on the independents. He's arguably the most selling ticket in indie wrestling right now, but it's worth acknowledging the platform WWE gave him."

Road Dogg's Praise

James praised Cardona for his ingenuity and tenacity, attributes that previously earned him significant opportunities in WWE, including an Intercontinental Championship win at WrestleMania.

He also appreciated Cardona's ability to rebrand himself in the indie scene, affirming that Cardona would be a valuable asset should he decide to return to WWE in the future. "But let's not forget, he entered the indies already a recognizable face, thanks to his time in WWE.

His Intercontinental title win, his social media engagement, and even his time being underutilized in WWE contributed to him becoming a household name," James elaborated. "So, to make it clear, Matt Cardona's current indie stardom didn't materialize in a vacuum.

The WWE played a substantial role in shaping his career, and that's not something to overlook." The statement from Road Dogg adds a nuanced perspective to the narrative surrounding talents succeeding post-WWE. It suggests that while the independent scene provides a fertile ground for wrestlers to reinvent themselves, the global stage of WWE sets a foundation that can be pivotal for success, a theory exemplified by Matt Cardona's indie journey.

As debates continue about the role WWE plays in shaping wrestlers' careers, Cardona remains a fascinating case study, affirming that one's wrestling journey is often a blend of multiple influences.

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