Seth Rollins discusses his successful last couple of years

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Seth Rollins discusses his successful last couple of years

Upon capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2015, Seth Rollins became the first wrestler of Armenian descent to hold the title and after winning his first Intercontinental Championship, he became the 29th Triple Crown Champion and the 18th Grand Slam Champion.

Rollins has headlined numerous major pay-per-view events for WWE, including WrestleMania 31. Industry veteran Sting, who wrestled his final match against Rollins, described him as the most talented professional wrestler he has ever seen or worked with.

He was the cover athlete for WWE 2K18. During a long interview with The National, Rollins discussed his successful last couple of years and more: “It really has been quite the last two years for me. I have really been on a roll.

I really hit my stride last year, as you mentioned, with two WrestleManias in a row having two title wins. When I look back at this stretch of my career it will be interesting to see where it stacks up with the other parts of my career.

It has been a renaissance for me from a character perspective. I am the happiest I have ever been and relatively healthy. I am in the middle of my prime, I have just turned 33, so who knows what the next year is going to bring”.