Corey Graves: Is This NXT Star's Time to Shine?

Lyra Valkyria's Triumph Ushers in a New Era.

by Atia Mukhtar
Corey Graves: Is This NXT Star's Time to Shine?
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In a stunning upset during the initial night of "WWE NXT" Halloween Havoc, the wrestling world witnessed Becky Lynch’s unexpected downfall at the hands of the rising star, Lyra Valkyria. Valkyria’s triumphant victory not only secured her the coveted "NXT" Women’s Championship but also marked a turning point in her burgeoning career.

However, according to veteran commentator Corey Graves of "WWE SmackDown," Valkyria’s journey has just begun. Speaking on WWE’s acclaimed "After The Bell" podcast, Graves underscored the gravity of maintaining championship glory, emphasizing that the real challenge lies ahead.

"I believe Valkyria has an incredibly promising future,” Graves remarked. “However, I want to caution Lyra that the real work has now kicked into gear. Achieving what many deemed impossible is commendable, especially in light of Indi Hartwell’s recent failure against Becky Lynch on Monday Night 'Raw.'

Despite Hartwell’s valiant effort in a stellar match, ‘The Man’ stood tall. Lyra, on the other hand, succeeded in dethroning Becky Lynch. But now, the real work begins. This is not a challenge unique to Lyra; it is a well-known saying in our industry that sometimes, defending the championship can be more arduous than winning it."

Valkyria's Untapped Potential

Graves went on to highlight Valkyria’s limited exposure on television, suggesting that the "NXT" Universe has yet to witness the full extent of her prowess.

"Lyra hasn’t quite set the world on fire yet,” he stated. “But as the new face of the 'NXT' women’s division, she now has both the opportunity and the obligation to prove herself, not just to her peers in the locker room, but to the fans as well." Reflecting on her monumental victory, Valkyria described the experience as surreal, expressing a sense of elation and anticipation for the future.

With the "NXT" Women’s Championship now firmly in her possession, Valkyria is eager to take on more challenges within WWE, setting her sights on a potential showdown with the newly-signed Jade Cargill. As the wrestling community buzzes with excitement, Valkyria’s journey at the pinnacle of the "NXT" women’s division promises to be nothing short of captivating.

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