Top WWE NXT Standout Debunks Buzz on Imperium Move


Top WWE NXT Standout Debunks Buzz on Imperium Move
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Ilja Dragunov, a name synonymous with sheer dominance and agility in the WWE NXT domain, has recently dismissed swirling rumors of a potential alliance with Imperium, the formidable three-man assemblage reigning supreme on WWE's Raw roster.

At the helm of Imperium stands the record-breaking Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER, flanked by his unwavering comrades Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. The internal dynamics of the group are crystal clear, with GUNTHER commanding the top tier, Kaiser as his second in command, and Vinci, under the watchful eye of Kaiser.

Ilja Dragunov, known for his fierce rivalry with GUNTHER, culminated in a monumental victory where he clinched the NXT UK Championship from the grasp of the wrestling maestro. Their encounters in the ring have garnered critical acclaim, etching their names in the annals of WWE's match-of-the-year chronicles.

However, the two juggernauts have not crossed paths in recent years, maintaining a palpable distance in their wrestling trajectories.

Dragunov Dismisses Imperium Rumors

Recently, Dragunov engaged in an insightful conversation with TV Insider, where he was questioned about the circulating whispers of him potentially joining forces with Imperium.

The speculation stemmed from Dragunov’s Russian heritage, potentially aligning him with the European trio. With unwavering certainty, Dragunov quashed these rumors, questioning the very foundation of such speculation.

"No specifics. I just saw something about that on the internet. Rumors of me being in Imperium, but who actually wants that? Who has this idea?” Dragunov pondered aloud. “There couldn’t be someone more different and opposite than me to Imperium.

Those guys are outstanding, supreme technical wrestlers, cold and stoic. I, on the other hand, embody the antithesis; unpredictable, eccentric – I am the ‘Mad Dragon,’ a different breed altogether." Addressing the incongruity between their personas, Dragunov stated, “These personas are so different.

What is the benefit of my being in this group? I don’t think it would make sense”. As the “Mad Dragon” shifts his focus to the impending challenges, he is all geared up to defend his NXT Championship title at the highly anticipated Halloween Havoc Night 2.

His opponent, the formidable Carmelo Hayes, former NXT Champion, is no stranger to Dragunov, having faced defeat at his hands earlier this month at NXT No Mercy. The showdown is slated for October 31st, Halloween night, promising a spectacle of unmatched intensity and wrestling prowess.

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