Konnan Discusses Carlito WWE Comeback & LWO Boost

Exploring the dynamics of Carlito's much-awaited WWE return.

by Atia Mukhtar
Konnan Discusses Carlito WWE Comeback & LWO Boost
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The much-anticipated return of Carlito to WWE, witnessed at the Fastlane premium live event, has swiftly positioned him in the midst of the LWO faction, sparking an intense feud with Bobby Lashley and his team. Carlito’s comeback has not only revitalized the faction but has also brought about a new vigor and direction to the storyline.

Konnan, a respected figure in the wrestling world, has expressed his admiration for Carlito, highlighting how he has managed to stand out and shine, embodying the persona of a true star. This, according to Konnan, is crucial for the vitality and success of the LWO faction.

"On 'Keepin' It 100,' I spoke about the stark contrast in treatment within the group. The other male members seem to be sidelined, treated almost dismissively. Zelina, the group’s female member, had a backstage interaction with Bayley, which escalated to a match challenge.

Sadly, Zelina was quickly defeated, showcasing a pattern of underutilization for the group, except when it comes to Rey and Escobar,” Konnan shared.

Carlito's Captivating Comeback

Carlito, on the other hand, has been showered with opportunities since his return, captivating the audience and garnering impressive reactions.

Konnan reminisced about Carlito’s previous tenure with WWE, pointing out that his character was incredibly popular back then. Nevertheless, he was also candid about Carlito’s lack of focus during that period, which was so apparent that it was turned into a storyline, involving a segment with Ric Flair.

The “Nature Boy” himself confronted Carlito, questioning his efforts and dedication on live television. Konnan reflected, “He had this reputation of being laid back, almost indifferent, just breezing through his matches.

But when I saw him recently in WWE, he was a completely different person. He was in great shape, exuding star quality”. Konnan’s insight sheds light on Carlito’s evolution and his potential to play a pivotal role in the current WWE landscape, particularly within the LWO faction.

His presence and newfound vigor could very well be the catalyst the group needs to ascend to new heights and dominate the storyline.

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