Jim Ross comments on Rob Van Dam appearing on Raw

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Jim Ross comments on Rob Van Dam appearing on Raw

Jim Ross worked for WWE, as a commentator, and for Fox Sports, where he writes commentary on professional wrestling for FoxSports.com. He was also the lead announcer for New Japan Pro-Wrestling on AXS TV and occasionally does play-by-play for boxing and mixed martial arts.

As of February 2014 Ross began hosting his own weekly podcast, The Jim Ross Report. Ross was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2007. He is known affectionately as "Good ol' JR", was widely regarded as the voice of the WWE particularly during The Attitude Era, and has been labelled as one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time.

During the latest edition of his podcast, JR commented on Rob Van Dam appearing on Raw: “But I thought Rob Van Dam — I still do, I think he’s one of the best performers we ever had. He can do things that were so far ahead of their time.

He’s so innovative and creative and unique. And the thing a lot of people don’t realize about Rob, you talk about how tough he is. His movie that he did not too long ago, little documentary was really good. He talked about his concussions.

This son of a gun worked hurt a lot. He was tougher than a two-dollar steak without a doubt. So Rob Van Dam was always high on my list of talents, and I’m glad that we got him. Rob Van Dam had that ability — that inherent ability, which is a blessing in this business — to connect with his audience."