WWE Star Blasts Bron Breakker, Claims Zero Respect


WWE Star Blasts Bron Breakker, Claims Zero Respect
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In a candid revelation, Mr. Stone expressed his sentiments on the highly anticipated face-off with the youthful dynamo, Bron Breakker, at NXT Halloween Havoc, underscoring a pronounced lack of respect for the 26-year-old wrestling sensation.

Despite his sporadic appearances in the WWE ring, with a noticeable hiatus since his last bout in November 2021, Mr. Stone's prowess within the squared circle remains undeniable. This match gains an added layer of personal vendetta as Von Wagner, a close associate and client of Mr.

Stone, fell victim to a ruthless onslaught from Bron Breakker just a few weeks prior, prompting Mr. Stone to step up and throw down the gauntlet.

Mr. Stone's Bold Stance

In an engaging dialogue with Riju Dasgupta from Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mr.

Stone did not mince words, explicitly stating his disregard for Breakker, and emphasized that the sentiment of respect was mutual. As he braces himself for the upcoming battle on Tuesday night at Halloween Havoc, the 40-year-old veteran is hell-bent on bringing his A-game to the ring.

"I am not here to earn Bron's respect; my respect for him plummeted after what he did to Von. However, I do hold his uncle in high regard. I promise to unleash the same level of intensity on Bron as I did on Scottie," affirmed Mr.

Stone. In the same breath, Mr. Stone addressed concerns regarding potential ring rust, given his prolonged absence from consistent in-ring action. He dismissed the notion, asserting his confidence in quickly regaining his in-ring rhythm and demonstrating his seasoned skills against Breakker come Tuesday.

"Sure, it's been five years since my last scheduled match. I've had sporadic appearances, but this is the first singles match with ample preparation time, both mentally and physically. Some may speculate about ring rust, but in my years in this industry, I've learned that it's a non-factor.

The moment I step back into those ropes, not as a manager or a sidekick, but as a competitor ready to fight, everything will click back into place," confidently stated Mr. Stone. As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates this showdown, all eyes are on Mr. Stone to see if he can hold his ground against Bron Breakker or if he will succumb in the heat of the moment.

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