WWE Star, 38-years-old, Plagued by Frequent Injuries, Kevin Nash Reveals

Kevin Nash opens up on Cody Rhodes' injury history.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Star, 38-years-old, Plagued by Frequent Injuries, Kevin Nash Reveals
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In a recent discussion, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash expressed his concerns about the frequent injuries of a current RAW Superstar. This statement comes ahead of the highly anticipated Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, where Cody Rhodes is scheduled to face The Judgment Day's Damian Priest in a singles match.

Sean Oliver took the opportunity to question Nash about Cody's current physical condition and whether he has been medically cleared to compete at Crown Jewel. Although Nash couldn't provide a definitive answer, he candidly remarked that Cody Rhodes "gets hurt a lot." Despite this, Nash's admiration for Cody Rhodes is evident, especially following the events of SummerSlam 2023.

In an unforgettable moment, Brock Lesnar, aka The Beast Incarnate, extended his hand to Cody in a show of respect after their match. This moment, captured on camera, resonated with fans worldwide, earning widespread acclaim.

Nash's Perspective Shifts

Nash shared his reflections on this significant moment during an episode of Kliq This, highlighting how Lesnar's spontaneous gesture altered his perception of Cody. He elaborated on the uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of Cody's rise, questioning whether it was a product of backstage orchestration or genuine fan support.

Nash concluded that regardless of the behind-the-scenes dynamics, Lesnar's unscripted act of sportsmanship spoke volumes about his respect for Cody, subsequently changing Nash's opinion of him. Nash expressed his happiness for Cody and his family, acknowledging the love and dedication Cody has for the wrestling business.

He emphasized the importance of handling talents like Cody with care, especially given the current state of the roster. As fans eagerly await Cody's next big moment, many are hopeful that he will continue his journey to WWE WrestleMania 40 next year, potentially challenging Roman Reigns for the top title in a main event showdown.

Only time will reveal how this story unfolds, but one thing is certain – Cody Rhodes remains a vital part of the WWE narrative.

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