Future Leader: The Rightful Heir Bold WWE Vision


Future Leader: The Rightful Heir Bold WWE Vision
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Declan McMahon, grandson of wrestling magnate Vince McMahon, has boldly claimed his status as the "rightful heir" to the WWE empire. The Capitol Wrestling Corporation, which later evolved into WWE, was founded in 1953 by Vincent J.

McMahon. The leadership baton was passed to his son, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, in 1982. Vince McMahon subsequently became a larger-than-life character in the wrestling world, often appearing on screen alongside his daughter Stephanie, son Shane, and occasionally his wife Linda.

Despite a recent merger between WWE and UFC that seemingly loosened the McMahon family's grip on the company, Vince continues to wield influence at the boardroom level, Shane makes sporadic appearances, and Stephanie's husband Triple H has taken the creative reins.

Given the McMahon family's deep roots in wrestling, speculation abounds about whether the next generation will carry on the legacy. In a recent interview with Developmentally Speaking, Shane’s son Declan McMahon weighed in on which branch of the family, his or Stephanie's, might next break into WWE.

Declan: McMahon’s Next-Gen

Declan confidently declared himself the “rightful heir,” positioning himself as the best fit to be the next-gen McMahon in the wrestling ring. “Oh, probably me. I mean, the story’s already written, right? The rightful heir, the good-looking — the one who looks like Vince, right?" Declan shared, emphasizing his belief that his resemblance to his grandfather and the existing storyline potential make him a prime candidate.

Despite his bold claim, Declan expressed gratitude for his supportive family network and acknowledged the potential in his relatives. He highlighted Aurora, one of Triple H’s daughters, as having expressed interest in joining the business.

In the same interview, Declan provided an update on his father Shane’s recovery from a severe quadriceps injury sustained at WrestleMania 39. He shared his hopes for Shane's return to WWE television, emphasizing his father's passion for wrestling and desire to entertain fans.

Declan McMahon, currently a student at the University of Indiana, recently appeared on TV in the audience at Fastlane, sparking further interest in his potential future role within WWE.