Update on WWE Star Injury After WrestleMania


Update on WWE Star Injury After WrestleMania
Update on WWE Star Injury After WrestleMania © WWE/YouTube

Wrestling fans were left buzzing when Shane McMahon made a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 39, earlier this year, marking a momentous occasion in WWE history. However, behind the scenes, McMahon was nursing a serious injury, leaving fans concerned about his wellbeing.

McMahon's son, Declan McMahon, recently shed light on his father’s recovery process during his appearance on "Developmentally Speaking." Declan shared that Shane’s rehabilitation is progressing exceptionally well, noting that he has resumed jogging, squatting, and has slowly started getting back to his workout routine.

However, he mentioned that Shane is finding it challenging to bend side to side, emphasizing the severity of the injury. “The rehab is going very, very well,” Declan assured fans. “He’s making phenomenal progress.

His quad tendon was completely torn, which typically necessitates a lengthy and strenuous recovery. However, Shane has been defying expectations, healing quicker than the doctors anticipated”.

WrestleMania 39 Highlights

Shane’s last WWE TV appearance was during WrestleMania 39, where he participated in an impromptu match against Pat McAfee, set up by the event’s co-host, Snoop Dogg.

On the second night of the event, Snoop revealed McMahon as Miz’s unexpected opponent. Declan expressed his father's deep love for wrestling and his eagerness to return to the ring, adding a personal touch to the update.

“My dad loves wrestling,” he stated, conveying the passion that Shane McMahon has for the sport. Wrestling enthusiasts and McMahon fans alike are holding their breath, anticipating Shane’s return to the WWE ring.

His dedication to his recovery, coupled with the unwavering support from his family and fans, showcases the resilience and tenacity that Shane McMahon is known for in the wrestling world. As the WWE universe waits, the news of his speedy recovery brings a sense of relief and excitement for what’s to come.