The Creed Brothers vs. Alpha Academy Confirmed for WWE Raw

Exploring pivotal moments in the Creed Brothers' career journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Creed Brothers vs. Alpha Academy Confirmed for WWE Raw
© The Creed Brothers/Twitter

This week marks a momentous occasion for the name Creed, transcending the realms of music and professional wrestling. In a thrilling blast from the past, the renowned 1990s post-grunge ensemble, Creed, has just unveiled plans for their first U.S.

tour in over a decade. However, the spotlight doesn’t stop there. The wrestling world is abuzz with anticipation as WWE’s Creed Brothers, Julius and Brutus, gear up for a pivotal transition from “WWE NXT” to the grand stage of “WWE Raw”.

This past weekend, the wrestling community was set ablaze as Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable boldly issued an open challenge, calling out any brave souls willing to step into the ring against him and his formidable tag team partner, Otis, on “Raw”.

In a swift and determined response, Julius Creed seized the moment, taking to social media to formally accept Gable’s challenge. With a tone of readiness and excitement, he proclaimed that it was high time for the Creed Brothers to “unleash some fun”.

Creed Brothers' Main Roster Debut

Although this isn’t the Creed Brothers’ inaugural foray into the WWE’s main roster limelight—they have previously showcased their skills on “WWE Main Event” and participated in a dark match during the October 29, 2021 episode of “WWE SmackDown”—tonight’s match on “Raw” signifies their first-ever televised appearance on either "Raw" or "SmackDown." This is poised to be a monumental stepping stone in what promises to be a flourishing career on wrestling’s main stage.

Yet, the excitement doesn’t end with tonight’s “Raw” appearance. As Julius pointed out in his social media announcement, the Creed Brothers have a relentless schedule ahead. Mere hours after their “Raw” debut, they will be back in action on “NXT” for the second night of the “Halloween Havoc” extravaganza.

In what’s anticipated to be a pulse-pounding match, the duo will clash with fellow brother tag team, Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo, in a high-stakes Tables, Ladders, and Scares match. This week is undeniably a pinnacle moment for the Creed name, as it reverberates through the worlds of music and wrestling, captivating audiences and proving that the Creed legacy is alive, well, and ready to dominate.