Mick Foley Warns Triple H: Beware of Recently Released WWE Talent

Exploring Mick Foley's pivotal role in Drew McIntyre's comeback.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mick Foley Warns Triple H: Beware of Recently Released WWE Talent
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In a recent episode of his podcast "Foley Is Pod," WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley shared a remarkable story about reaching out to Triple H regarding Drew McIntyre after WWE released him in June 2014. Despite once being dubbed the "chosen one" by Vince McMahon, McIntyre's initial stint in WWE saw him falling down the card, leading to his release following a run with the lower-card team, 3MB.

However, this setback didn't discourage McIntyre. He took to the independent wrestling scene with determination and resilience, eventually making his triumphant return to WWE in 2017 and clinching the World Champion title twice.

Foley, in his discussion, highlighted the importance of betting on oneself and used McIntyre’s journey as a prime example. He recounted reaching out to Triple H shortly after McIntyre's release, impressed by the transformation he was witnessing.

Despite not being close friends with McIntyre, Foley saw potential in him and sent a text to Triple H, urging him to keep an eye on the rising star.

Foley's Crucial Text

"Drew will admit there are times to go out there [on the indies] and be that guy from WWE, but when it really counted, like with Insane Championship Wrestling, people need to know, I rarely text the powers that be.

In this case, I texted Hunter after Drew sent me something," Foley explained. "I wasn’t close friends with Drew, but I liked him. He said, 'Hey, I know you’re busy, but I’m working on something different. I did something for ICW in Glasgow.

Can you take a look?' The first thing I did, and he’d only been gone like a month, I texted Triple H and said, 'I know you just released him, but you need to keep your eye on Drew McIntyre. He’s like an entirely different person.'

" Foley's story underscores the volatile nature of the wrestling industry and the power of persistence and self-belief. It also highlights the significant shifts in WWE's creative direction, especially following Vince McMahon's retirement in July 2022 and his brief return in January 2023.

With McMahon reportedly now out of the creative process, Triple H is back at the helm, shaping the future of WWE and perhaps more open than ever to giving talented stars like McIntyre the chance they deserve to shine.

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