Eric Bischoff Weighs In on Ric Flair AEW Premiere


Eric Bischoff Weighs In on Ric Flair AEW Premiere
Eric Bischoff Weighs In on Ric Flair AEW Premiere © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

The retirement tour of wrestling icon Sting is in full momentum, and none other than "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has joined the festivities. Last week on "Dynamite," the legendary and at times polarizing figure, Flair, made a surprise debut in AEW, presented as a gift from Tony Khan to Sting.

Since then, Sting has hinted that Flair will play a significant role in the final stretch of his illustrious career, leading up to his anticipated farewell at AEW Revolution. This development has left fans and wrestling connoisseurs, including Eric Bischoff, pondering over the role Flair will undertake in the coming months.

Bischoff, during his appearance on "Strictly Business," shared his insights, stating that Flair’s unexpected debut last week may not have immediately reflected in AEW's viewership ratings, attributing it to the element of surprise.

"People shouldn't jump to conclusions or misinterpret the situation, thinking Ric didn’t make a big splash. The surprise element was executed perfectly, and I am all for it," Bischoff commented. "Promoting Ric’s appearance beforehand wouldn’t have been as effective.

Now that he’s made his debut, and the audience is in the know, next week’s ratings should give us a clearer picture of the value Ric Flair adds to 'Dynamite'"

Eric Bischoff on Ric Flair's Debut

However, not everything about Flair’s debut sat well with Bischoff, particularly the verbal onslaught he endured from Christian Cage.

Bischoff is choosing to reserve his final judgment, eager to see how Flair’s storyline unfolds from hereon. "I’ll be disappointed for Ric if this storyline doesn’t culminate in a moment of glory for him, especially considering the verbal beating he took," Bischoff expressed.

"At this stage, it’s crucial to figure out the optimal way to utilize a legend like Ric Flair, all while setting the stage for Sting’s grand retirement."

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