Bully Ray Criticizes AEW Match, Questions Refree Integrity

Veteran wrestler voices concern over controversial in-ring strategy.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Criticizes AEW Match, Questions Refree Integrity
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Bully Ray, a member of the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame, has expressed his concerns and confusion over a recent AEW match that seemed to diminish the credibility of the referee involved. The contest in question saw AEW World Champion MJF defend his title against Kenny Omega at AEW's Collision event.

Despite the undeniable excitement generated by the bout, Bully Ray couldn’t help but feel perplexed over a specific moment during the clash. As the match unfolded, a table was introduced and utilized directly in front of the official, who shockingly did not call for a disqualification.

This particular incident has prompted Bully Ray to question the strategic planning behind the match.

Sloppy Planning Critiqued

Taking to the airwaves on Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray conveyed his opinion, stating that the table spot reflected “sloppy planning” and emphasized that such a scenario would have been unacceptable in WWE.

"Imagine this - a table gets brought out, it’s used, all of it happening right under the referee’s nose. Now, tell me, how does that not warrant a disqualification? Picture Mark Henry and myself in a world title match.

Do you think for a second we'd even dream of executing a spot like that with the referee watching? That's just flawed psychology. We’d know better because we understand the repercussions. We’d be packing our bags before you knew it, expecting Vince [McMahon] to personally hand us our walking papers," Bully Ray critically pointed out.

He didn’t stop there, though, as he proceeded to critique the referee's role and overall involvement in the match: “This situation, it just strips away credibility from everyone involved. I’ve always advocated for the use of tables, but the way it was handled in the 'Collision' main event, it just cheapened the moment, the match, and the title at stake.

Using a prop like that, it has to add something substantial to the story being told in the ring. And the referee? He should have been more assertive. Wrestlers need to do their part in protecting the authority of the referees, and the officials themselves must have the courage to speak up when they're not being protected,” Bully Ray emphasized.

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