WWE Vet Slams Seth Rollins for RAW Misstep


WWE Vet Slams Seth Rollins for RAW Misstep
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Former WWE scriptwriter Vince Russo recently voiced his criticisms over Seth Rollins' performance on RAW, expressing disappointment at Rollins’ failure to convincingly portray his supposed back injury. Engaging in a highly charged single match on RAW, Rollins faced off against JD McDonagh.

This comes on the heels of Rollins’ grueling Last Man Standing bout against Shinsuke Nakamura at Fastlane 2023, where Nakamura relentlessly targeted Rollins' already vulnerable back. Despite the purported injury, Rollins’ portrayal in the ring seemed to tell a different story.

During the latest Legion of RAW broadcast, Russo pointed out the inconsistency in Rollins' performance, noting that while commentator Wade Barrett was diligently highlighting the severity of Rollins’ back injury, Rollins himself failed to convincingly embody this pain.

“Throughout the entire Seth Rollins match, Wade Barrett there is selling Seth's back. Seth Rollins did not sell his back one time. Not one time during that entire match and Barrett sold it about six times. Never once did Seth Rollins sell his back," Russo emphasized.

Questioning Seth Rollins

Russo went on to question Rollins’ credibility and work ethic, stating, “It's a joke, it's a freaking joke and this guy is called a great worker? They're saying what a back injury he has and he doesn't sell it one time.

And that's a great worker”. In the lead-up to his RAW match, Rollins had seized the opportunity to verbally assail Drew McIntyre, his opponent for the upcoming Crown Jewel event. Earlier that evening, McIntyre had reflected on his past achievements and setbacks in a heartfelt video package, expressing his disappointment at having his WrestleMania 36 victory overshadowed and his frustration at being sidelined from championship glory at Clash at the Castle.

Rollins, unimpressed, retorted with a dismissive “Boo Freaking Hoo!” on the mic. He chastised McIntyre for dwelling on the past and challenged him to bring his A-game when they contend for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Premium Live Event this Saturday.

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