Kurt Angle Speaks About and Underrated Attitude Era Star


Kurt Angle Speaks About and Underrated Attitude Era Star
Kurt Angle Speaks About and Underrated Attitude Era Star © WWE/Website

According to many hardcore wrestling fans, the attitude era was the best time for professional wrestling. Many stars were born during that era, and the WWE produced some of the best wrestlers of all time during it. WWE’s product was the best during that time.

Many wrestling characters became legends when they fought in that era. At that time, the WWE was fighting WCW for TV ratings.

Kurt Angle Praises Tajiri and Says that He Was a Great Entertainer

Due to the popularity of some of the wrestlers, some talented wrestlers went under the radar.

Kurt Angle spoke about one of them. According to Kurt, Tajiri was very underrated. Tajiri was at a very serious point in his career during the Attitude Era. He had to display a lot of personality to survive and stay relevant during that time.

According to Kurt, his tag team run with William Regal made Tajiri shine. "This kid oozed charisma, okay. He didn't speak English but you could understand him and you knew by his facials what he meant," he said on "The Kurt Angle Show." "This is why he did a lot of stuff like the Halloween party, he was a character on the party because they knew that he could make people laugh, that's how Tajiri is, he's very entertaining." Kurt Angle believes that WWE utilized Tajiri very well and managed to make him entertain the fans very well.

He was able to showcase his entertainment skills in the ring as well as during backstage interviews. He was also a good promo cutter. He also fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers at that time. He fought Billy Kidman during Billy’s prime.

He also had a tag team run with Eddie Guerrero who was at one time the top wrestlers in the world. "As far as his wrestling, he was incredibly in the ring, his Japanese style was amazing," Angle said. "But, his charisma was unbelievable." During Tajiri’s time in WWE, he won the tag team title twice.

He won the Cruiserweight title 3 times and also won the Light Heavyweight Title. While he was holding the Light Heavyweight Title, he also held the United Stated title at the same time. Even though he was one of the best entertainers that the WWE had at the time, he simply could not capture the attention of most of the fans as there were other stars during that time that out shinned him.

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