Bryan Danielson's injury in AEW happened recently.

Bryan Danielson's Injury Shakes Up AEW and NJPW Plans

by Noman Rasool
Bryan Danielson's injury in AEW happened recently.
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In the world of professional wrestling, injuries are an unfortunate but common occurrence. Recently, Bryan Danielson, one of the top stars in AEW and NJPW, found himself dealing with a significant injury that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community.

While many initially believed that the injury occurred during a high-profile tag team match on AEW Dynamite, new details have emerged, shedding light on the true nature of his injury. During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez revealed that Danielson's injury did not occur during the tag team match alongside Claudio Castagnoli against Orange Cassidy and Kazuchika Okada, as many had speculated.

Instead, it was during his clash with Andrade El Idolo on AEW Collision that the injury took place. Even more surprising was the revelation that Danielson had already been nursing the injury when he entered the tag team match on Dynamite.

The injury in question? A broken orbital bone. Dave Meltzer, another prominent wrestling journalist, provided insight into the unfortunate incident. He described the injury as a fluke, occurring when Danielson and Andrade accidentally collided heads during their Collision bout.

Danielson's black eye prior to the match raised concerns about the severity of the injury, prompting speculation about potential surgery.

Surgery Status Uncertain

Regarding the surgery, there remains some uncertainty. While initial reports suggested that Danielson had already undergone the procedure, Alvarez clarified that it's still up in the air.

The hope within the wrestling community is that the injury may not require surgery, but the final decision is pending. Regardless of the outcome, it's evident that Danielson was not in peak condition when he participated in the tag team match.

The implications of Danielson's injury stretch beyond his physical well-being. With the NJPW Wrestle Kingdom show looming in early January, where Danielson is expected to have a highly anticipated one-on-one rematch with Kazuchika Okada, his injury status becomes a significant concern.

If surgery becomes necessary, it could cast doubt on his ability to compete in this marquee event, leaving fans eagerly awaiting updates on his recovery. In the unpredictable world of professional wrestling, injuries are an unfortunate part of the game.

Bryan Danielson's recent injury serves as a stark reminder of the physical toll that wrestlers endure and the uncertainty that surrounds their careers. As fans, we can only hope for his swift recovery and a return to the ring at full strength.

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