Chelsea Green Finds Nikki Cross' Head on WWE Raw


Chelsea Green Finds Nikki Cross' Head on WWE Raw
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Last night's episode of "WWE Raw" served up a Halloween spectacle that had fans buzzing, thanks in part to a comedic but intriguing match between Natalya and Chelsea Green. Dressed as a bunny, Natalya faced off against Green, who came to the ring in a convincing Bret "The Hitman" Hart cosplay.

The match was a masterclass in blending comedy and suspense, a narrative highlighted when Green discovered a rather unsettling prop under a ringside pumpkin: the expressionless head of fellow WWE superstar Nikki Cross. Chelsea Green's reaction was priceless, as she was visibly shocked by the decapitated prop, inadvertently dropping the pumpkin on her own head and stumbling into the steel ring steps.

Although comedy in wrestling can polarize fans, the blend of slapstick humor and the mysterious aura surrounding Nikki Cross' recent character change made for compelling television, fitting for a Halloween-themed episode.

Cross' Haunting Impact

Nikki Cross, who has been portrayed in a near-catatonic state in recent episodes, appeared to have had a strategic reason for the eerie prop placement. Just last week, she was part of a tag team match alongside Natalya, facing off against Green and Piper Niven.

While Cross was seemingly of little help during that bout, her haunting "presence" last night seemed designed to assist Natalya. Yet, despite the unsettling distraction, Chelsea Green managed to pull off the win, thanks to her partner Piper Niven, who was attired as Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, complementing Green's Bret Hart cosplay.

The shift in Nikki Cross' character suggests that WWE has bigger plans for her going forward. After shedding the superhero elements of her gimmick last year, Cross seems to be returning to a darker, more mysterious persona, akin to her days in the Sanity stable.

Although she had been struggling for screen time following her Women's Elimination Chamber appearance earlier this year, this new direction signals a promising change. It remains to be seen where this story arc will lead, but it has certainly added a layer of intrigue to WWE's women's division.

Last night's episode has left fans eagerly discussing the blend of comedy, suspense, and character development, proving once again that WWE continues to be a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse.

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