The Undertaker Feared Becoming Vince McMahon Shower Singer


The Undertaker Feared Becoming Vince McMahon Shower Singer
The Undertaker Feared Becoming Vince McMahon Shower Singer © WWE/YouTube

Mark Calaway, universally known as The Undertaker, recently spilled the beans on a pivotal moment early in his career, when he feared he'd be relegated to the role of "Vince McMahon's singing shower guy." These revelations came during the debut episode of his new podcast, Six Feet Under, where he chronicled the journey that almost didn't happen due to a casual comment in a meeting with the WWE Chairman.

In 1990, Calaway, then wrestling under the moniker 'Mean Mark' for WCW, was declined a pay raise with the justification that he would "never draw a dime." This led him to take his talents to WWE, aided by Bruce Pritchard, who set up a crucial meeting with McMahon at his opulent residence.

The stakes were high for Calaway, who entered a mansion adorned with a life-sized mural of McMahon. "This is not in my tax bracket," he quipped. As he and Pritchard pitched his persona to the WWE boss, McMahon inquired if Calaway had any hidden talents, perhaps singing or dancing.

Calaway humorously responded, "Only in the shower," which he instantly regretted. "In the era of extravagant gimmicks, the last thing I wanted was to become McMahon's 'singing in the shower guy.' The moment I said it, Vince’s eyes lit up, and I thought, 'Oh no, I've screwed up.

I was just trying to be funny,'" Calaway recounted.

Chance After WrestleMania

The meeting concluded with McMahon stating that while there was nothing on the table at the moment, post-WrestleMania might open some doors. "The real game-changer was that Vince liked the person he was talking to, not the gimmick or drawing potential," said Calaway.

"That personal connection was instrumental in giving me a chance." As we all know, Calaway didn't end up as a shower-crooning spectacle. Instead, he immortalized The Undertaker, a persona that has dominated pro wrestling for over three decades.

In related news, The Undertaker accompanied McMahon to Saudi Arabia for the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou bout. While there, he expressed excitement over WWE's recent merger with UFC. "This merger has massive potential for global expansion," said Calaway, a devout UFC fan.

"It's an exciting time for the industry and fans alike." Mark Calaway's Undertaker character has stood the test of time, proving that sometimes, a bad pitch can lead to an unparalleled legacy.

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