Eric Bischoff: WWE Thrives Without CM Punk

Eric Bischoff weighs in on WWE's current market strength.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eric Bischoff: WWE Thrives Without CM Punk
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Eric Bischoff, a renowned wrestling personality and former executive, weighed in on the swirling rumors regarding CM Punk's potential return to WWE during a recent episode of his podcast, 83 Weeks. The wrestling magnate, known for his bold opinions, opined that while CM Punk's re-entry into WWE isn't impossible, it's certainly not urgent given WWE's current market momentum.

"Let's be realistic. The WWE is thriving even without CM Punk. They've got a robust roster, high viewership, and sell-out crowds. They're not desperate for a big pop," said Bischoff. "If—and it's a big if—Punk does return, saving it for an event like Royal Rumble would be the smart move." This idea comes despite the upcoming Survivor Series being hosted in Punk's hometown of Chicago—a move that would undoubtedly generate local buzz.

But Bischoff suggests that WWE should play the long game. "The Royal Rumble format offers the perfect platform for a comeback of that magnitude. It's an event that fans eagerly anticipate for surprises, and Punk's return could be the ultimate shocker." Bischoff’s track record gives credence to his words.

He pointed to his own roller-coaster relationship with WWE as evidence that the company is willing to let bygones be bygones for the right business opportunity. "Just look at The Ultimate Warrior or even myself. We've seen plenty of shocking returns in WWE history.

However, for now, WWE is doing just fine."

Eddie Kingston's Recent Remarks

On a related note, AEW wrestler Eddie Kingston recently admitted to not being a CM Punk fan on a personal level but acknowledges Punk's contribution to AEW during his tenure.

"We don’t have to be buddies to recognize each other's professional value," Kingston said. Kingston's comments offer an interesting counterpoint to Bischoff's thoughts on Punk’s potential WWE return. It seems like the wrestling world is divided on whether WWE needs Punk—or if Punk needs WWE for that matter.

Concluding his podcast, Bischoff added, "WWE is entering what we can call its 'Super Bowl season,' a period of heightened anticipation and viewership. They've got everything going for them—strong ticket sales, booming merchandise.

Adding Punk to the mix might be like gilding the lily." Whether or not CM Punk makes a WWE comeback in the near future, the wrestling community is certainly buzzing with speculation and divided opinions. One thing is for sure: if it does happen, it promises to be a moment that will capture the attention of fans globally. But for now, according to Bischoff, WWE has no 'holes' that urgently need filling.

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