Eric Bischoff Slams TNA Rebrand as "Meaningless"


Eric Bischoff Slams TNA Rebrand as "Meaningless"
Eric Bischoff Slams TNA Rebrand as "Meaningless" © SHAK Wrestling/YouTube

Eric Bischoff, a name synonymous with wrestling promotions like WCW and WWE, is raising eyebrows with his take on IMPACT Wrestling's decision to revert back to its old name, TNA Wrestling, in January 2024. Bischoff, no stranger to the mechanics of branding in professional wrestling, firmly believes that a name change won't turn the tide for the organization.

Announced at Bound For Glory, the TNA rebrand has left fans reminiscing over the glory days of the promotion. The TNA name was originally used from 2002 to 2017, a period many consider the company’s zenith. Company President Scott D'Amore even proclaimed that TNA is poised for a "second golden age." Though online sentiment leans positive, the nostalgia might not translate to sustained success, according to Bischoff.

On his podcast, Strictly Business, Bischoff argued that nostalgia alone can't revive a wrestling promotion. "I just don't think the TNA brand had enough value ever. Bringing it back is not going to have any significant—no pun intended—impact," Bischoff stated.

He emphasized that unless the company innovates its product, the rebranding is merely cosmetic.

Eric Bischoff TNA Past

Interestingly, Bischoff's own history with TNA adds another layer to his critique. After his long-standing career with WWE ended in 2007, Bischoff joined TNA in 2010 alongside Hulk Hogan.

He served not only as an on-screen personality but also as an Executive Producer. His stint ended on a bitter note in 2013, with Bischoff later describing his time with TNA as "regrettable." While Bischoff may not be optimistic about TNA's rebrand, it remains to be seen whether the name change will breathe new life into the promotion or prove him right.

Either way, fans and analysts alike will be watching closely, making the next chapter in TNA’s tumultuous history one to watch. With the wrestling landscape more competitive than ever, thanks to promotions like AEW gaining traction, TNA's rebrand could either be a brilliant strategic move or a nostalgic trip leading nowhere. Only time will tell if TNA can reclaim its past glory or if Bischoff’s skepticism proves warranted.

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