Melina Reflects on Training Under Controversial WWE Coach Bill DeMott in OVW

A fresh narrative emerges in the wrestling training debate.

by Noman Rasool
Melina Reflects on Training Under Controversial WWE Coach Bill DeMott in OVW
© WWE/YouTube

In a recent episode of "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," former WWE Women's and Diva's Champion Melina offered a different perspective on her experience working under Bill DeMott, the controversial trainer fired from WWE for allegations of an abusive training style.

The interview comes as a fresh narrative in a sea of criticisms against DeMott and raises questions about the nature of toughness in pro wrestling training. While other trainees have reported negative experiences under DeMott's tutelage, Melina presented a more nuanced take.

"For me, Bill DeMott was incredible because he pushed us to our limits," she said. The pro-wrestler noted that DeMott was a strong advocate for physicality in training, aiming to prepare students for the rigorous schedule and in-ring demands of the WWE.

Melina has been open about the injuries she has sustained throughout her career, even tearing her ACL at one point. She attributes her resilience partly to DeMott's intense training methods. "His drills were exhaustive, but they were designed to push us beyond our comfort zones.

I was good at it, and I have always thanked him for that," Melina added.

Heath's Perspective

Her sentiments echo those of recent free agent Heath, who compared DeMott to a "general" or "drill sergeant," emphasizing the discipline and fortitude that his training instilled.

However, neither Melina nor Heath touched upon the allegations that led to DeMott's firing, which ranged from cruel, creative punishments to discriminatory comments. One of the most infamous incidents involved ordering Zack Ryder, now known as Matt Cardona, to take a nake* Stinkface as a form of humiliation.

The positive recollections of Melina and Heath contrast sharply with the negative stories that led to DeMott's firing, showcasing the complexities and nuances of training in the world of professional wrestling. As WWE continues to evaluate its training protocols, this new perspective adds another layer to the ongoing debate on what constitutes effective, yet humane, coaching in the high-stakes, physically demanding world of pro wrestling.

By presenting this differing point of view, the discussion around Bill DeMott's training methods gains new dimensions, urging the wrestling community to weigh the various aspects of a coach's impact on trainees—both the good and the bad.