Ex-WWE Star Praises Rising Talents Rhea Ripley & Raquel Rodriguez


Ex-WWE Star Praises Rising Talents Rhea Ripley & Raquel Rodriguez
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In a revealing interview, Scotty 2 Hotty, a seasoned wrestling coach and current producer at All Elite Wrestling (AEW), praised two of WWE Raw's breakout stars, Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez. Having mentored them at WWE’s Performance Center, Scotty lauded their spectacular evolution in the high-octane world of professional wrestling.

"From the nascent stages of their careers to the dynamic performers they've become, it’s incredibly gratifying to witness their progress," Scotty said during an exclusive chat with "Wrestling With Johnners." He added, "Rhea’s metamorphosis into 'Mami' of The Judgment Day faction, and her ascendancy to WWE Women's World Championship glory, exemplifies what coaching is all about." While Rhea Ripley has transformed into a captivating character, Raquel Rodriguez isn't far behind.

Known for her powerhouse performances, Rodriguez is making headlines with her recent surge in title opportunities, including a spotlight match at WWE’s Crown Jewel event. "It's just a matter of time before Raquel garners her own spotlight," Scotty predicted.

Beyond Wrestling

The former WWE star-turned-AEW producer couldn't emphasize enough how these young talents are not just making waves in the wrestling arena, but have the potential to transcend it. "I wouldn't be surprised to see them branch out into the entertainment industry; perhaps even Hollywood,” he mused.

Both Ripley and Rodriguez began their journeys with stints in WWE’s NXT brand, a fertile ground for honing young talents. Each won the coveted NXT Women’s Championship, signaling early on that they were destined for bigger platforms.

"WWE officials had always seen that 'it' factor in them. Their current success only validates that initial impression," Scotty affirmed. As someone who has closely watched their journey unfold, Scotty 2 Hotty believes their potential is limitless.

"They’re the kind of talents who make a coach proud, and as they continue to evolve, the sky's the limit. Their success is a testament not only to their own hard work but to the efficacy of the training programs that WWE and AEW offer," he concluded.

Scotty 2 Hotty’s endorsement adds another layer of credibility to these rising stars, further solidifying their positions as indispensable figures in today’s wrestling landscape. With such high praise from an industry veteran, it's safe to say that both Ripley and Rodriguez are well on their way to legendary status.

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