Big E and New Day Defy WWE Skeptics

Navigating adversity, The New Day revolutionizes tag team wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
Big E and New Day Defy WWE Skeptics
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It's often said that doubt can either make you or break you, and for WWE's The New Day, doubt was merely fuel for a groundbreaking journey. Formed in 2014, the dynamic trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods encountered skepticism and even outright dismissal from various quarters within the WWE.

"In the beginning, it felt like us against the world," Big E revealed in a recent interview with "UnDrafted AllStarz." "We were told repeatedly, 'This idea is futile. You're never going to make it.' But we were steadfast in our vision; we knew we had something special." Defying the naysayers, The New Day not only survived but thrived.

They achieved a staggering 12 title reigns across WWE's Raw, SmackDown, and NXT brands. A testament to their influence and skill, the WWE recognized them as the greatest tag team in its history a few years ago. Recalling an episode where veteran wrestler Paul Wight advised Kofi Kingston to abandon The New Day and concentrate on a solo career, Big E couldn't help but feel vindicated when Wight returned later to apologize for underestimating them.

"Vision is a personal thing," said Big E. "Even if no one else gets it, if you see it and believe it, that's all that matters."

Tag Team Triumph

In an era where tag team wrestling often takes a backseat to single's competition, The New Day's enduring legacy is a reminder of the genre's potential.

Their journey was not without hardship; internal politics and external skepticism were rampant. Yet, their unity and shared vision have elevated the tag team category and drawn in millions of fans. "Sometimes, it's not about proving the doubters wrong, but about proving yourself right," Kingston added in a separate interview.

"We always knew we had the chemistry, the charisma, and the athletic ability to revolutionize tag team wrestling, and I think our record speaks for itself." As The New Day continues to dominate in the ring and elevate the tag team scene, they serve as an inspiring example to aspiring wrestlers everywhere: belief in oneself, against all odds, can yield groundbreaking success.

With upcoming projects and matches on the horizon, including a potential showdown with AEW's top tag teams, their remarkable journey is far from over.

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