Nikki Cross Posts Eerie WWE RAW Pics

Nikki Cross takes a dark turn, sparking fan speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Nikki Cross Posts Eerie WWE RAW Pics
© Nikki Cross/Twiiter

In a move that has both captivated and unnerved WWE fans, Nikki Cross took to social media to share unsettling images following her appearance on this week's Monday Night RAW. The photos serve as a chilling follow-up to her recent in-ring activities, which have taken a decidedly eerie turn.

Cross, who recently returned to the ring after a 14-week hiatus, teamed up with WWE veteran Natalya in a tag team match against Chelsea Green and Piper Niven. During the bout, Cross displayed an uncanny trance-like state while standing by the ring apron.

This mysterious behavior culminated in her abandoning Natalya, leaving the seasoned wrestler to fend for herself in a handicap match scenario. The intrigue deepened on the latest episode of RAW, where Natalya faced off against Chelsea Green in a Trick or Street fight, complete with Halloween-themed props scattered around the arena.

In a shocking twist, Green discovered Cross's disembodied head under a jack-o'-lantern on a table. The image left Green visibly startled, while Cross maintained an eerie, expressionless demeanour.

Viral 'Trick or Treat'

Cross later posted the haunting images on Twitter, captioning them simply, "Trick or Treat." The photos have since gone viral, sparking widespread speculation about the direction of her new, darker character.

In a post-match development, Natalya expressed her genuine concern for Cross via social media, posting, "Genuinely concerned for Nikki Cross." This sentiment echoes the bewilderment and apprehension felt by fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Adding a layer of complexity to this unfolding narrative, sources close to WWE have hinted that Cross's new persona may be tied to an upcoming storyline involving supernatural elements. While details remain scarce, insiders suggest that this could be a pivotal moment in her career, potentially setting the stage for a significant push in the women's division.

As the WWE Universe continues to buzz about Nikki Cross's transformation, one thing is clear: her new gimmick has successfully captured the attention of fans and critics alike. Whether this leads to championship gold or further mystifying antics remains to be seen, but it's evident that Cross is carving out a unique space for herself in the WWE landscape.

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