Triple H Extends WrestleMania 2024 Invite to NBA Joel Embiid Amid DX Tribute

Wrestling meets basketball in a highly anticipated crossover invitation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Triple H Extends WrestleMania 2024 Invite to NBA Joel Embiid Amid DX Tribute
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The professional wrestling and basketball worlds are abuzz after WWE's Chief Creative Officer Triple H extended a sensational invitation to NBA star Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers to appear at WrestleMania 40. This invite came on the heels of Embiid's recent homage to D-Generation X—Triple H's iconic wrestling faction—by executing multiple crotch chops during a game against the Portland Trailblazers.

It all started in 2021 when Embiid celebrated a dunk with a D-Generation X-style crotch chop, a move popularized by Triple H himself. Embiid later admitted that he drew inspiration from the wrestling legend, which led to Triple H offering to cover the $25,000 fine Embiid incurred for the audacious display.

Fast forward to Halloween of this year, a day after Embiid's exhilarating on-court DX tribute, Triple H publicly invited the 76ers star to the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 40. Adding a dose of serendipity, the event will be held in Philadelphia next April, Embiid's home court city.

Triple H pitched the invite as an opportunity for Embiid to indulge in unlimited crotch chops without financial repercussions.

Logistical Hurdles

However, the wrestling universe shouldn't hold its breath just yet. Despite the dream scenario of Embiid crossing over into WWE for one night, the logistics make it a long shot.

The Sixers' busy NBA schedule might prove to be a roadblock, as the team faces back-to-back games against the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs on April 6 and 7—coincidentally, the same nights WrestleMania 40 is scheduled to take place.

These crucial matchups are part of a three-game road trip for the Sixers, making Embiid's presence at WrestleMania nearly impossible. To throw another wrench in the works, insiders suggest that the 76ers management would be less than thrilled about their star player taking a physical risk during the intense playoff run, especially after the recent trade of James Harden.

All in all, while the prospect of Embiid's WrestleMania cameo is electrifying, the hurdles are considerable. Yet, the mere thought of such a crossover has fans and pundits fantasizing about the limitless potential of a synergy between the WWE and the NBA. Only time will tell if this larger-than-life collaboration ever materializes.

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