WWE Legend, 51-years-old, Declines Young Woman Dating Proposal


WWE Legend, 51-years-old, Declines Young Woman Dating Proposal
WWE Legend, 51-years-old, Declines Young Woman Dating Proposal © WWE/YouTube

In a recent light-hearted video segment, WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali humorously turned down a young fan's unique approach for a date. Khali, renowned for his towering presence in the wrestling ring, took center stage in a creative video by renowned Indian YouTuber, Fukra Insaan.

The theme? Eleven enthusiastic participants competing for a dream date with the wrestling behemoth. One particular admirer was especially keen on securing her date with Khali. However, Khali, ever the entertainer, had her undertake some quirky challenges.

Regrettably, she couldn't fulfill any. Addressing her missed attempts, Khali amusingly commented, "LEFT! First, you didn't break the watermelon. Then, you failed to touch your nose with your tongue. How will you wrestle?" For those unfamiliar with The Great Khali, his wrestling credentials are nothing short of stellar.

Celebrated for his significant contributions to WWE, Khali was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021. Commemorating the honor, he took to Instagram to share his gratitude, "Humble beginnings and tough hurdles pave the way for remarkable achievements.

I'm profoundly humbled by WWE's HALL OF FAME recognition, making me the inaugural Indian world heavyweight wrestling champion to receive this accolade. My deepest gratitude goes out to my loyal fans and our incredible nation.

I'm ecstatic to have brought pride to India on such a global scale. True service is less about affiliation and more about attitude." Further elevating his presence, Khali graced the Superstar Spectacle 2023 held in Hyderabad, India.

In his brief yet impactful appearance, he teased fans with hints of a potential return to the squared circle. With such a storied career and his ability to still captivate audiences, The Great Khali continues to be an influential figure in the world of professional wrestling.