Adam Copeland Bold Decision: Full Gear Showdown Set with Cage


Adam Copeland Bold Decision: Full Gear Showdown Set with Cage
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In a whirlwind turn of events, Adam Copeland, who once hesitated to face Christian Cage, has now firmly set his eyes on the challenge. The catalyst? A vehement threat from Cage aiming at the delicate history of Copeland's neck injuries.

As a result, wrestling fans are in for a treat as Copeland joins forces with legends Sting and Darby Allin, gearing up for a thrilling six-man tag team battle against Cage, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne at AEW Full Gear. While discussing the dynamics of the upcoming match with Tony Schiavone, Copeland acknowledged his respect for Sting and Allin, hinting at his prior reservations about entering the fray.

The tension intensified as Cage's unmistakable theme song pierced the ambience, heralding the arrival of Cage and his squad.

Cage's Bold Provocations

With audacity, Cage claimed his intentions to end Sting's career at Full Gear.

He also took a jibe at Allin, referencing the "gimp arm" incident from WrestleDream, courtesy of his brutal tactics. Yet, it was his taunting reminder of Copeland's past neck issues, painting a grim future for him, that ignited the flame of defiance in Copeland.

As Cage signalled Luchasaurus and Wayne to assault, the timely intervention of Sting and Allin proved to be a game-changer. With emotions running high, Copeland declared, "You want to snap my neck? Prepare to face the consequences!" As AEW's Full Gear event nears, the wrestling world buzzes with anticipation, especially given the rekindling of a rivalry that has spanned over ten years.

It's been a while since Copeland and Cage faced off, with their last encounter being the 2021 Royal Rumble. Yet, fans still reminisce about their iconic match on "WWE Raw" back in May 2010, where Copeland clinched the win. This upcoming duel at Full Gear is set to be another unforgettable episode in their ongoing saga.

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