Eddie Kingston Talks WWE LA Knight, NWA Days

Behind the ring, wrestling ties run deep and strong.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eddie Kingston Talks WWE LA Knight, NWA Days
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In the world of professional wrestling, journeys often crisscross before wrestlers find themselves at the pinnacle of their careers. Such is the tale of AEW's Eddie Kingston and WWE star LA Knight, both of whom were once the shining lights of the "NWA Powerrr" series on YouTube.

Kingston, currently holding laurels as the ROH World and NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion, spoke fondly of his past interactions with LA Knight, now the #1 Contender for the coveted Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. "LA Knight and I shared great camaraderie during our NWA days.

He's truly dedicated to his craft," Kingston remarked in a candid chat with Adrian Hernandez.

Kingston's NWA Memories

Showering praise on Knight, Kingston added, "Every time I see him on that grand WWE stage, it makes me proud.

His hard work and commitment are clearly paying off." But LA Knight wasn't the only familiar face from NWA that Kingston recalled. He brought up Ricky Starks, the first-ever NWA World Television Champion, albeit with a hint of playful banter.

"Ricky might act tough, and sure, I often tease him. But deep down, I have immense respect for his journey and achievements," confessed Kingston. Reflecting on their NWA stint, Kingston emphasized the sheer joy of it. "Those days were filled with pure wrestling passion.

Whether it was with Ricky, LA Knight, or others, every moment was memorable." He also mentioned occasionally catching up with his longtime friend and mentor, Homicide, who's currently with NWA. "We rarely discuss wrestling; it's mostly life, memories, and shared experiences," Kingston added with a smile.

The wrestling industry is a vast network of intertwined paths, and stories like Kingston's highlight the mutual respect and camaraderie wrestlers share, regardless of the brand or promotion they represent.

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