X-Pac on The Text He Sent to Shawn Michaels

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X-Pac on The Text He Sent to Shawn Michaels

WWE NXT is considered by many to be the best product that the WWE offers its fans currently. Many journalists state that the current main WWE product of RAW and Smackdown isn’t very good at the moment. In fact, the WWE is making some changes to address issues that exist in those two products.

The WWE can feel the effects of the fans turning away from the company as they reported loses this year. The NXT brand has received a lot of help from WWE legends of the past. Legendary wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels helped the WWE set up NXT Takeover 25.

X-Pac who was a member of DX with Michaels recently revealed the text message he sent Michaels after Takeover 25 on his podcast. "I shot Shawn a text," Waltman said. "I am like, 'That main event has you written all over it Shawn'

He's so proud. To be done in the ring and not think that you'll be able to feel that satisfaction and get your fix like we got in the ring. Shawn has told me he goes to the performance center and he's working with these guys and ladies and he gets to feel that fix again vicariously through Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and whoever else's match he had something to do with. Maybe he had something to do with the ladder match for obvious reasons."