Matt Cardona's MLW Career on Line at Fightland


Matt Cardona's MLW Career on Line at Fightland
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In an unexpected twist to Major League Wrestling's narrative, Matt Cardona is set to face Mance Warner in a high-stakes "Loser Leaves MLW" match during the much-anticipated Fightland event on November 18. MLW officials confirmed the news on Wednesday, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown.

Cardona's appearance at the Fightland event marks a significant turnaround, as he had been barred from stepping foot in the 2300 Arena following a defeat at the hands of ECW stalwart Bully Ray during Battleground Championship Wrestling's "Legends Never Die" event on July 1.

However, Cardona astutely noted the ban applied strictly to Battleground Championship Wrestling engagements, thus not extending to MLW promotions — a shrewd move that emphasizes his moniker as "Always Ready." The animosity between Cardona and Warner escalated following their contentious "Kiss My Foot" match at MLW Fury Road on September 3.

Post-match violence erupted when Warner, refusing the humiliating demand to kiss Cardona's foot, launched a ferocious counterattack with a chair, setting the stage for their upcoming clash at Fightland. This battle not only serves as a rubber match but also carries the weight of Cardona's tenure in MLW, with Mister Saint Laurent vowing to be in his corner, adding an extra layer of drama to the contest.

Fightland's Fierce Rivalry

The Fightland card also boasts a title defense with MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane squaring off against the formidable Jacob Fatu. Additionally, a unique tag team encounter is set to take place featuring Rocky Romero and Barbro Cavenario, representing NJPW and CMLL respectively, as they take on the duo of NJPW's Mascara Dorado and MLW's Ichiban.

This tag team bout heralds the beginning of an expansive inter-promotional saga, born from a groundbreaking alliance among MLW, NJPW, and CMLL. In a bid to enhance its reach and cater to the increasingly diverse wrestling fanbase, MLW continues to innovate by incorporating global talents and cross-promotional events, ensuring that Fightland will be a melting pot of wrestling styles and cultures.

Fans across the world can anticipate an exhilarating blend of athleticism and storytelling that MLW consistently delivers.

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