Nick Aldis: Unsung D-Generation X Star's Cool Factor

Aldis Reflects on Wrestling Legends' Enduring Charisma

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis: Unsung D-Generation X Star's Cool Factor
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In the pantheon of professional wrestling's most charismatic and rebellious factions, D-Generation X stands out as a revolutionary force that captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Their audacious antics, epitomized by unorthodox speeches and infamous crotch chops, personified the spirit of the Attitude Era.

While Triple H and Shawn Michaels are frequently spotlighted for steering the group’s wild escapades, Nick Aldis, the esteemed "WWE SmackDown" General Manager, recently shone the light on a different member whose cool quotient, he asserts, has been overlooked.

During a candid conversation on "After The Bell," Aldis revealed, "You know who was considered the coolest wrestler in my school? X-Pac." Sean Waltman, known to fans as X-Pac, might not have been the frontman of D-Generation X, but his influence was palpable.

"Everybody thought X-Pac was so cool, and if you think about it, he was – the way he talks, his demeanor. Sean Waltman truly doesn’t get enough recognition for his role in making wrestling cool," Aldis expressed with evident respect.

Aldis: Emulating Hart's Cool

Waltman's defection from WCW to WWE marked a pivotal moment in the storied Monday Night Wars, spotlighting his dynamic presence. But Aldis didn't limit his reflections to DX members alone. The General Manager also paid tribute to Bret "The Hitman" Hart, sharing personal admiration for the iconic wrestler.

"Bret was the first wrestling hero of mine. He had that slickness, a coolness that both girls and guys admired. I aspired to emulate that. Hogan was a star, no question, but Bret had the cool factor," Aldis mused. While Aldis reminisced about his idols, it's pertinent to note the recent surge in crossover appeal within the wrestling world.

AEW's collaboration with various international wrestling promotions and the cross-brand appearances of wrestlers have invigorated the industry, offering fans fresh and unexpected storylines. This innovative approach has rekindled a sense of cool in professional wrestling, reminiscent of the eras Aldis celebrates.

As WWE continues to forge its path in the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, the acknowledgment of figures like X-Pac by authorities like Aldis plays a crucial role in appreciating the intricate tapestry of wrestling's history — a history steeped in defiance, charisma, and an enduring cool that captivates fans across generations.

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