Natalya's Tweets After Super ShowDown

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Natalya's Tweets After Super ShowDown

The WWE Super ShowDown event was billed as one of the biggest WWE events of the year. Multiple outlets state that the event was a big letdown. Many fans agree that the event was not a good one. The main event let many hardcore fans down and the fans didn’t get what they deserved according to professional wrestling journalists.

The event was held in Saudi Arabia, a country that has very strict and conservative laws for women. The Saudi government is trying to make the country less conservative and more moderate, but that will happen in years most likely.

According to various news outlets, Alexa Bliss and Natalya traveled to Saudi Arabia in the hopes of getting a match at Super ShowDown. The WWE was not given permission to hold the match, and that match could not happen. If the match happened, it would have been the first women’s wrestling match in the history of the kingdom.

It was the General Sports Authority that didn’t let the WWE hold the match. According to the Wrestler Observer Radio, the two female superstars weren’t even allowed to appear at the Super ShowDown event in the ring.

So that was another big blow to WWE’s plan. Natalya tweeted after the SSD event, "Every step matters," and the next, "Here's to a multitude of tomorrows." Natalya hopes to wrestle at Saudi Arabia one day it seems.