LA Knight Criticizes Roman Reigns Part-Time Championship

Underdog LA Knight Targets Championship Upset at Crown Jewel Event.

by Atia Mukhtar
LA Knight Criticizes Roman Reigns Part-Time Championship
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In an industry where titans clash for glory, the WWE Universe is bracing for a seismic shift at the upcoming Crown Jewel event, where LA Knight is set to challenge the seemingly indomitable Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

The spectacle, poised to unravel in the heart of Saudi Arabia this Saturday, isn't just another match—it's a potential career-definer for Knight, the underdog challenger aiming to topple a three-year reign. Reigns, who has been perched atop the WWE hierarchy, has seen his grip on the title unchallenged for an astonishing 1,200 days, a reign that's been met with a mix of awe and weariness among the fanbase.

LA Knight, in a candid conversation with Kayla Braxton, didn't mince words about the state of affairs. "Everybody's sick of that," Knight proclaimed, scrutinizing the infrequency of Reigns' title defenses, which average around four a year—a stark contrast to the non-stop action that fans crave.

LA Knight Promises Revolution

Knight's audacious statement has sent ripples through the WWE community. A chiseled challenger with a flair for the dramatic, he declared that the 'tyranny' of Reigns' reign could be abruptly disrupted at Crown Jewel, courtesy of his devastating BFT move.

With fervor, Knight promised a revolution in the squared circle, a new epoch with him dawning the mantle of WWE Champion. As Knight inches closer to the grandest stage of his career, the statistics underscore the uphill battle he faces: Reigns has only stepped into the ring for a title defense twice on TV or Pay-Per-View since WrestleMania 39.

Furthermore, whispers within industry circles suggest that, should Reigns walk away victorious, the championship might not be contested again until the Royal Rumble of 2024. This rarity of championship contention has been a contentious point, fueling Knight's narrative that Reigns' part-time presence as champion has cast a shadow over the WWE's celebrated tradition of frequent and fierce competition.

Fans are rallying behind Knight's bravado, eager for a revival of the championship's glory—a glory that could very well be rekindled in the sands of Saudi Arabia, where history waits to be rewritten. As anticipation builds, all eyes are on Crown Jewel, where LA Knight aims not just to achieve the pinnacle of his career but also reinvigorate a legacy.

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