Ronda Rousey Debuts at Wrestling Revolver Event


Ronda Rousey Debuts at Wrestling Revolver Event
Ronda Rousey Debuts at Wrestling Revolver Event © WWE/YouTube

In an unexpected pivot from her recent musings about retirement, Ronda Rousey is stepping back into the pro wrestling ring, much to the delight of fans who anticipated a hiatus following her WWE departure. Her last encounter at WWE SummerSlam saw a defeat at the hands of Shayna Bazler, a move that many speculated signaled the end of her WWE tenure.

Yet, Ronda Rousey's wrestling journey is taking an intriguing turn, marked by a vibrant performance at Lucha VaVoom on October 26 and her slated appearance at Sami Callihan’s Wrestling Revolver event, UNREAL, set for November 16 in Los Angeles, California.

On "Busted Open Radio," Callihan shed light on how this booking, which pairs Rousey with AEW standout Marina Shafir, her friend and comrade-in-arms, came to fruition. It seems the stars aligned rather serendipitously. "I stumbled upon this opportunity," Callihan confessed.

"It wasn't a grand scheme, not a meticulous plan concocted weeks in advance. This came about through a network of connections, and mutual respect painted me as the promoter Rousey should partner with."

Rousey's Charitable Match

Rousey's commitment to the Wrestling Revolver showcase, however, extends beyond the ropes of the ring.

Her participation is fueled by a passion for philanthropy, aiming to generate funds for the Hawaiian relief effort. This cause resonates deeply with Rousey, as her husband's Hawaiian roots make the relief work particularly poignant.

"The proposition was simple," Callihan explained. "When the charity angle was presented, my response was immediate. We're not just putting on a show; we're rallying for a cause that will truly aid those in need." This narrative not only casts a spotlight on Rousey’s resilience as an athlete but also illuminates her humanitarian side.

As the anticipation builds for her Wrestling Revolver appearance, it's clear that her influence transcends the entertainment sphere, tapping into the heart of community aid and embodying the spirit of giving back through the platform of professional wrestling.

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