Ex-WWE Champ Makes Surprising Company Comeback

Kairi Sane's storied legacy adds a thrilling chapter ahead.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Champ Makes Surprising Company Comeback
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In the ever-evolving landscape of WWE, the return of high-caliber talent often sparks waves of excitement among fans, and the latest buzz is no exception. Kairi Sane, the esteemed former NXT Women's Champion and one-half of the once-dominant Kabuki Warriors, is reportedly making her way back to the WWE Universe.

Sources close to the matter indicate that Sane's presence has been noted on the company's internal talent roster, signaling a return that could shake the foundations of either Monday Night Raw or SmackDown. The air of anticipation has been building, with the reputable WrestleVotes taking to Twitter to affirm the swirling speculations, stating, "After what feels like months of speculation, I'm told Kairi Sane has reappeared on the internal talent roster.

Her return to the company is imminent." This revelation places Sane in the company of wrestling's elite, as the 'miscellaneous' section of the roster she's listed under includes industry titans like Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and The Undertaker.

Sane's Spectacular WWE Rise

Kairi Sane's journey in WWE has been nothing short of spectacular. She first captured the hearts of fans with her spirited performances in NXT, where she reached the pinnacle by dethroning Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Although her reign lasted 71 days, her impact was indelible. She transitioned to the main roster with similar momentum, teaming up with Asuka to form the Kabuki Warriors. The duo carved their names in the annals of WWE history by capturing and defending the Women's Tag Team Championships, showcasing their in-ring prowess over a 181-day reign.

Sane's WWE tenure paused when she returned to Japan in 2020, later making waves in Stardom as 'Kairi' Her accolades continued as she battled through injury and became the inaugural IWGP Women's Champion, a title she valiantly defended before being dethroned by Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE.

Now, as whispers of Kairi Sane's WWE return turn into a roar, the Women's division braces for the high-seas adventuress' homecoming. Her previous departures from WWE rings were always felt, her absence a silent echo. But with Sane's sails once again billowing with the winds of WWE's grand stage, one can only imagine the new tales of triumph that await to be written.

The question on everyone's mind: which brand will have the honor of hosting her resurgence, and how will her return reshape the landscape of women's wrestling? Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold, promising new chapters of Kairi Sane's already storied career.

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