Lex Luger Learns How To Match-Calling from WWE Legend?


Lex Luger Learns How To Match-Calling from WWE Legend?
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the ability to command the flow of a match is an art that separates the novices from the legends. Lex Luger, a renowned figure in the wrestling community, recently expressed his gratitude towards fellow WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat for mentoring him in this intricate skill.

Speaking with "Under The Ring," Luger recounted how Steamboat meticulously taught him the nuances of match-calling, a vital skill for any wrestler aiming to captivate audiences from bell to bell. During an intensive seven-month storyline vying for the United States Championship, Steamboat took the "Total Package" under his wing.

Their partnership was not just about strength and showmanship; it was a masterclass in in-ring psychology. Steamboat, with his seasoned expertise, structured their training into distinct phases. Starting with the basics, he first guided Luger through calling the opening sequences of their matches.

Gradually, as weeks turned into months, they advanced to the intricacies of the middle and finishing segments until Luger was ready to orchestrate the entirety of their pivotal pay-per-view showdowns.

Luger's Ring Command

Luger reminisced about the moment Steamboat entrusted him with leading their dance in the squared circle.

"He goes, 'I want you to call the whole thing.' I was elated," Luger shared, recalling the leaps he took both literally and figuratively—attempting maneuvers like a slam off the top rope that were previously foreign to his repertoire.

This experience not only elevated his performance but also ignited a passion akin to a "little kid in a candy store." Steamboat's reputation as an exceptional coach and producer is not just remembered by those he trained but also recognized in the industry today.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has previously shown interest in bringing the "Dragon" on board as a producer and coach, underscoring his lasting influence on the sport. Reflecting on the invaluable lessons learned, Luger's admiration for his mentor is palpable.

"That's why I call him the teacher. To this day I'm still very thankful," Luger acknowledged. In a career filled with high-flying action and intense rivalries, it's the guidance from legends like Steamboat that wrestlers treasure the most—proving that in the world of wrestling, who teaches you can be just as important as what you learn.

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